Optimisation of information. Automatic reporting via SQL.


The collection of data and its subsequent visualisation often makes analysis and data collection difficult.
Through a process of automatic reporting from the plant via SQL, and by means of aggregations and data manipulation, the process of efficient transformation of information is facilitated.


Automating the data reporting process.

Facilitating data analysis through efficient transformation and aggregation.

Achieving an effective visualisation system for presentation.

Project procedure

1. Development phase

The necessary algorithms for data transformation and aggregation are designed and implemented.

3. Testing phase

Extensive testing is carried out to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the displayed data.

2. Implementation phase

An intuitive visualisation system is integrated, with customised control panels.


The client has significantly improved its operational efficiency: the flow of information has been optimised and consistency in presentation has been ensured.
The system that has been implemented has laid a solid foundation for the continued optimisation and expansion of its reporting and visualisation systems.

Productivity increases by



  1. Manufacturing.
  2. E-commerce.
  3. Energy.
  4. Food and beverage.
  5. Healthcare.
  6. Banking.
  7. Logistics.

Technologies used



Microsoft SQL Server


Other use cases

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