Power BI Dashboards

Los cuadros de mando de Power BI son herramientas visuales interactivas que te permitirán analizar y presentar datos de manera intuitiva. Podrás visualizar información clave, tendencias y métricas importantes para la toma de decisiones de tu empresa.
Con Power BI, creamos cuadros de mando personalizados a partir de diversas fuentes de datos, como bases de datos, archivos Excel o servicios en la nube

Power BI dashboards are interactive visual tools that allow you to analyse and present data in an intuitive way. You can visualise key information, trends and metrics that are important for your company's decision-making.
With Power BI, we create custom dashboards from a variety of data sources, such as databases, Excel files or cloud services.

Advantages of using dashboards

Provide a consolidated view of the data

They facilitate the identification of patterns, trends and areas of opportunity in real time.

Improving operational efficiency

Boost the growth of your business

Areas where we apply power BI balanced dashboards

Financial dashboard

With Power BI we monitor and analyse financial performance and status, manage budgets, forecast and control all costs.

Sales and marketing dashboard

We analyse sales trends, marketing campaign performance, customer segmentation, lead analysis and sales KPI tracking.

Human resources dashboard

We track attendance and timekeeping, staff performance management, work climate assessment, employee turnover analysis and workforce planning.

Sales and marketing dashboard

To monitor operational efficiency, manage inventories, optimise the supply chain, analyse production performance and plan capacity.


Customer service dashboard

We measure customer satisfaction, analyse customer service metrics, manage complaints and issues, and improve the customer experience.


Project management dashboard

Vigilamos el progreso de los proyectos, analizar el rendimiento del equipo, gestionamos recursos y presupuestos, y realizamos seguimiento de hitos y entregables.


Dashboards for general administration

We visualise overall business performance, analyse key performance metrics, identify areas for improvement and support strategic decision making.

Why power BI?

Power BI is a popular choice for dashboards for several reasons:

  • It integrates tightly with other Microsoft products, making it easy to connect and share data.
  • It offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows users to create and customise dashboards without requiring advanced programming or data analysis skills.
  • Power BI can connect to a wide variety of data sources, allowing companies to consolidate and visualise data from different systems in one place.
  • It offers advanced analytics tools and interactive visualisations to drill down into data and discover meaningful insights.
  • Power BI is scalable and can adapt to the changing needs of a business as it grows, with options for both cloud and on-premises deployment..
  • It facilitates collaboration and secure distribution of dashboards within and outside the organisation.
  • Offers flexible pricing options, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

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