Data warehouse consulting services

At YusApi we provide a wide range of data warehouse consulting services to help your company design, implement, maintain and optimise your data warehouses. Thanks to our experience we know the latest methods and knowledge to create your data warehouse in the easiest possible way and with the minimum impact on your daily work.

Our data warehouse services

Evaluation and strategy

We assess your data needs and analyse your business to define the data warehouse strategy aligned with your company’s objectives.

Design and architecture

We design the logical and physical architecture of your datawarehouse, select the appropriate technologies and model the data.

Implementation and development

We developed the ETL process for integrating data from multiple sources, implemented the process and validated it.

Governance and data quality

We carry out the development of data governance policies and procedures, set data quality standards, and monitor and resolve day-to-day quality issues.

Inteligencia de negocio e informes

We implement BI tools and dashboards and develop customised reports and visualisations, for example, practical dashboards in Power BI.

Security and compliance

We assess security and compliance risks and implement security measures and access controls.

Innovation and emerging trends

We advise on the adoption of the latest technologies, evaluate the use of cloud solutions and hybrid architecture.

Cloud Data Warehouse consultants

In addition to all the services mentioned above, within our cloud data warehouse consultancy services we have additional services oriented to this branch:

Cloud platform selection

We help you choose the cloud platform that best suits your company, we work with the main platforms on the market such as Amazon redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, etc. We compare the features, costs and benefits of each one.

Migrating to the cloud

We plan and carry out the migration of your on-premises data warehouse to the cloud, implement data transfer strategies including initial upload and ongoing synchronisation, minimise downtime and manage migration risks.

Centralise and analyse your data with a data warehouse

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