YusApi is a technology consultancy that applies analytical engineering techniques and tools dedicated to data management to generate value in your organisation.

YusApi Team

YusApi is formed by multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in multilingual software development and artificial intelligence. They apply those technologies and knowledge acquired during previous developments, having known the data engineering and automation market first hand.

Our company

YusApi has a wide previous experience due to the realisation of different previous success stories.
Among which we could find:

Automated collection and reporting in mining plants

Extraction of useful values from old machinery for the calculation of KPIs through the installation of intelligent sensors connected to a proprietary platform.

Application of computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence to distinguish defective materials.

Team Solution
Core Values

It allows us to see projects from your point of view. Understanding your real needs and adapting our way of working to offer the expected quality, with trust and respect.


We are a team that enjoys the realisation of the solution. This enthusiasm helps internal motivation and generates new ways and ideas for tackling problems.


We apply transparency and openness in all our interactions, creating an environment that encourages communication, which is of great importance in development.


The great competitiveness in the market, makes us put the maximum of ourselves to provide you that point of excellence in each development and solution.


When working with our clients, we are guided by the following strengths that make up the YusApi personality:


The use of modern tools and techniques provides a solution that gives a competitive advantage in the market and a plus of innovation.


We work in an open and transparent way and build trust. We transform ideas into solutions in a clear and realistic way.


YusApi listens and understands the needs of the solution, and thus guarantees the best result by paying attention to every detail of the development.


We create a working environment based on communication, respect and the promotion of synergies. Because people are our most important asset.

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