Real Time Monitoring

Para llegar a ser una organización data-driven, el primer paso donde la empresa tiene que hacer hincapié es en la captura de datos, ya que si esta es de calidad nos ayudará a que las decisiones que tomemos sean las correctas.

YusApi helps you to monitor in real time any process of your company in order to have immediate updates on its status. This way you will be able to detect and react to any kind of problem or anomaly as soon as it occurs, which will help you to maintain the stability, security and performance of your systems and processes.

Why use real-time monitoring?

Quick response

Thanks to YusApi your IT processes and teams will respond quickly to incidents and minimise downtime.

Improving performance

Solving problems in time will mean that these problems do not reach the end-user.


Detects intrusion attempts, attacks or suspicious activities as they occur.

Resource optimisation

We help you to efficiently manage system resources, adjusting loads and avoiding bottlenecks.

Informed decision-making

We provide your data in real time so that it can be used to make informed and strategic decisions.

Where can YusApi apply real-time monitoring?

Networks and Telecommunications

We capture data from any type of document with any extension where such files have a large volume of data.

Systems and servers

We have methodologies that allow us to connect directly with data warehouses, which allows us to integrate our own APIs to automate this process.


We display in real time, the data collected by sensors previously collected by a SCADA.

Web applications

If your business has sensoristics either in the production process or in the product quality process, we can extract this data to help you make valuable decisions.


Data generated by business management software such as CRM, ERP or WMS (Warehouse Management Systems).

Do you need to monitor your production in real time?

At YusApi, we are committed to providing real-time monitoring solutions that improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and increase productivity for our customers. With our expertise and advanced technology, we help companies maintain complete control over their production processes, ensuring optimal performance at all times. The process we follow is as follows:

  1. We collect data from sensors and IoT, controllers and PLCs.
  2. We transmit the data via communication networks and communication protocols.
  3. We store it in databases.
  4. We analyse the data through real-time processing with the necessary tools.
  5. We visualise the data in real-time dashboards using Grafana, Kibana, Power BI, Tableau, etc.
  6. We set up a notification system that sends alerts when anomalies are detected.

Do you have problems with data mining in your business?

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