Enterprise data storage

Nuestros servicios de almacenamiento de datos para empresas se dividen en dos grandes tipos de almacenaje, almacenamiento local y almacenamiento cloud, que son los dos tipos principales que existen.

Ambas soluciones son válidas, por eso, en YusApi, antes de aplicar cualquiera de ellas, investigamos la situación de la empresa que requiere este tipo de servicios.

Our data storage services for companies are divided into two main types of storage, local storage and cloud storage, which are the two main types that exist.

Both solutions are valid, so at YusApi, before applying either of them, we investigate the situation of the company that requires this type of service.

Local storage

Local data storage involves storing critical and relevant information within the company’s own premises rather than using cloud or external services. This can be achieved through the use of physical servers, storage devices or even network-attached storage (NAS).

In order for a company to implement such storage, YusApi configures its own IT infrastructures.

· Dedicated servers

· Database management systems

· Security measures such as firewalls

· Back-up systems

For whom is local storage recommended?

Companies that handle large amounts of sensitive or confidential information (financial institutions, health care companies or companies dealing with government data.

Companies working in locations where internet connectivity is limited or unreliable.

Why use local enterprise data storage?

Full control

The company has full control over its data and does not rely on third party providers to access it.


By keeping data within the company’s premises, the risk of exposure to external threats or cyber-attacks is reduced.

Regulatory compliance

Some regulations may require certain types of data to be stored locally, so having a local storage system can help to comply with these regulations.


In many cases, accessing locally stored data can be faster and more efficient than relying on internet connectivity to access cloud services.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage for a company is based on storing data on remote servers managed by cloud service providers instead of keeping it locally on the company’s premises.

For this type of storage, at YusApi, we usually work with the main providers such as:

¿Para quién está recomendado el almacenamiento en la nube?

Businesses of any size that need to access their data from multiple locations.

Companies that require fast and flexible scalability.

Startups and growing companies that want to avoid high initial infrastructure costs.

Companies seeking to improve security by providing automatic backups and data redundancy.

What type of data storage is best for your company?

Contact us and we will carry out a free preliminary study to find out which storage is best suited to your company.

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