Data Lake consulting services

Para llegar a ser una organización data-driven, el primer paso donde la empresa tiene que hacer hincapié es en la captura de datos, ya que si esta es de calidad nos ayudará a que las decisiones que tomemos sean las correctas.

Thanks to our data lake consultancy we help you manage large volumes of data. Data lakes provide you with a central repository of data so that each of the areas of the company can exploit it to improve their decision making.

Why create a data lake for your company?

There are several reasons and benefits why it is interesting for your company to have a data lake, YusApi will help you to implement it from the beginning.

Centralisation of data

This is the main advantage of the data lake. We unify data sources and turn them into a single repository, simplifying access to information.


We offer the possibility of scaling and resizing your Data Lake according to your needs at any given moment.


The cost of the data lake will be based on the capacity you need, so you can increase or decrease the data lake whenever you need it.


You will save time and work better by avoiding manual tasks.


Greater scalability thanks to the adaptation of these technologies to the changes that companies may suffer.

Architecture of a data lake

Data storage

YusApi builds a distributed file system for the data lake and then stores the raw data as CSV files, JSON files, images, sensor data, etc.

Data management

We organise and tag data. Metadata management is crucial to maintain order in a data lake. To improve performance, we partition data by criteria such as date, data type or source.


We control role-based access so that only authorised individuals can access data. We use encryption in transit and at rest to protect sensitive data and maintain audit trails and continuous monitoring of access.

Processing and analysis

We use tools and methods to process and analyse data such as Apache Spark, Prestp, Amazon Kinesis Analytics, Google AI Platform, Azure ML, Tableau, Power BI and Looker.

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