Report automation

La automatización de informes es una práctica esencial para las empresas que desean mejorar la eficiencia y precisión en la recopilación, análisis y presentación de datos. En YusApi, sabemos cómo ayudarte a automatizar dichos informes para ahorrarte tiempo y dinero.

Report automation is an essential practice for companies that want to improve efficiency and accuracy in data collection, analysis and presentation. At YusApi, we know how to help you automate these reports to save you time and money.

How does our automation solution work?

Data connection

We integrate our platform with your systems such as CRM, ERP, databases, to centralise all the information. We extract data in real time to ensure we work with up-to-date information.

Transformation and processing

We clean the extracted data and normalise it to ensure quality and consistency and then apply advanced algorithms to perform complex analysis and calculations, tailored to your specific needs.

Report generation

We offer a variety of templates customised to your requirements. Reports include interactive graphs, tables and dashboards that make it easy to interpret data.

Process automation

We set up automatic report generation at regular intervals, and the client will receive automatic notifications and alerts when reports are generated or data anomalies are detected.


Distribution and access

We provide secure access by ensuring that only authorised personnel can view reports. Reports can be easily shared among stakeholders.

Customised services for every need

We understand that every business has unique and specific needs. That’s why we offer customised services to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our reporting automation solution:

Initial consultancy

Our team will understand your specific needs and challenges and, based on that analysis, develop a customised proposal.

Tailored implementation

We tailor the platform and configure it to reflect the client’s business processes, ensuring relevant and useful reports.

Development of customised reports

We design and develop customised reports that meet your specific data analysis and presentation requirements.

Training and support

We offer ongoing support as well as training your staff to use our tools, ensuring seamless use.

Updating and continuous improvement

We work with you to identify opportunities to optimise and improve your reporting and analysis processes.

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