Data analytics

YusApi helps you to take control of your company with a data-driven strategy, so that you can save time, costs and facilitate daily tasks.

YusApi helps you to take control of your company with a data-driven strategy, so that you can save time, costs and facilitate daily tasks.

Why is it advisable to carry out a data consultancy?

Data represents a cornerstone for any company, at YusApi we know that its importance extends to multiple vital aspects of the business.

  • Enable informed decision making, avoiding decisions based on assumptions or intuition.

  • Reveal hidden trends and patterns in consumer behaviour, offering opportunities for growth.

  • Identification of areas for improvement and optimisation, leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Possibility to personalise and segment customers, so we can tailor our products or services to each type of customer.

  • Identification of anomalies and suspicious patterns, allowing the implementation of preventive and mitigating measures.


Data analysis consulting

At YusApi data consulting we offer the following services:

Descriptive analysis:

Analysis of historical data to identify patterns, trends and relationships that can provide valuable information about a company’s past and present.

Predictive analytics:

The use of statistical and modelling techniques to predict future events, such as market trends, customer behaviour or business risks.

Data visualisation:

Creating clear and meaningful visual representations of data through interactive graphs, tables and dashboards to facilitate understanding and decision making.

Prescriptive analysis:

Making data-driven recommendations and strategies to optimise future decisions and actions, maximising positive outcomes and minimising risks.

Data management and cleansing:

Helps companies efficiently collect, organise, cleanse and manage their data to ensure its integrity, quality and availability.

Market segmentation:

Division of the customer base into homogeneous groups according to demographic, behavioural or other characteristics, in order to customise marketing strategies and improve product and service targeting.

Big Data consulting 

Use of massive datasets to extract meaningful and actionable information using specialised big data tools and technologies.

Data analysis solutions implemented by YusApi

At YusApi, we believe in the importance of delivering customised, results-oriented solutions. Our highly skilled and multidisciplinary team is committed to our clients’ success by providing data analytics services that are tailored to the specific needs of each project.

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