Efficient connection: data integration between machinery (PLC) and SAP for optimised operations.


The customer encounters problems with lack of synchronisation between systems, miscommunication and human error.
Through a bidirectional channel, communication between the industrial machinery (PLC) and the SAP system is improved. The YusApi initiative seeks operational synchronisation to facilitate more accurate and proactive management of operations.


Bidirectional channel between PLC and SAP

Ability to receive work orders from SAP

Improved operational efficiency

Project procedure

1. Initial phase

Detailed configuration of a bi-directional channel between PLC and SAP. Customised interfaces are developed to provide real-time data for faster decision-making.

3. Testing phase

In the testing phase, YusApi validates the integrity and synchronisation of the communication between the two systems.

2. Implementation phase

The ability to receive work orders from SAP to PLC and get an immediate response is implemented.


Operations have been significantly optimised, improving machine-SAP system coordination and enabling more agile and efficient management of resources.

Increases productivity by



  1. Industry.
  2. Automotive.
  3. Energy.
  4. Food and beverage.
  5. Chemicals.
  6. Pharmaceuticals.
  7. Aerospace.

Technologies used


Microsoft SQL Server


Other use cases

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