PLC code generation automation for Siemens or Schneider


The problem lies in the need to optimise and simplify the PLC code generation process, which can traditionally be laborious and error-prone. The complexity of making mistakes in PLC programming can affect the efficiency of the development and operation of industrial control systems.


PCL code generation from an Excel template.

Simplify the programming process.

Improve consistency and reduce errors in PLC code.

Project procedure

1. Planning phase

An intuitive interface is created that correctly interprets Excel templates structured in Siemens and Schneider PLC-specific program blocks. 

3. Testing and adjustment phase

The generator is found to work perfectly after many tests.

2. Development phase

To this end, intelligent algorithms are developed to ensure compatibility and consistency of the resulting code.


Through this project, it has been possible to establish a quality standard in PLC programming, reducing errors and facilitating the long-term maintainability of industrial control systems.

Productivity increases in the generation of new projects and/or changes in the workforce by



  1. Manufacturing.
  2. Industrial automation.
  3. Energy.
  4. Food and beverage.
  5. Logistics.
  6. Pharmaceuticals.
  7. Telecommunications.

Technologies used

Schneider Electric



Other use cases

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