Amazon Seller API Integration


Our client, who sold their products on Amazon, had a large number of orders that they received daily via Amazon Seller. To incorporate the orders into their workflow, they had to move them into their ERP, which was a time-consuming and tedious task that was performed by several employees every day.


Automate data extraction.

Increasing productivity.

Reduce time

Reducing costs

Project procedure

1. Planning phase

We analyse our client’s problem, and design a tailor-made API for them.

3. Implementation phase

We implement the API on our client’s server.

2. Development phase

We developed the API that extracts orders from Amazon to automatically incorporate them into your ERP software.

4. Testing phase

We test and correct possible errors and add new customer needs to provide a 100% customised solution.


More than 100 orders per day are automatically transferred from Amazon to our customer’s ERP, the employees are now working more productively and the delivery time of the orders has been reduced considerably.

Reduction of order delivery time


Increased company productivity



  1. Industry.
  2. Automotive.
  3. Energy.
  4. Food and beverage.
  5. Chemist.
  6. Pharmaceutical.
  7. Aeroespace.

Technologies used

Amazon Seller





Other use cases

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