Power BI Consulting Services

Para llegar a ser una organización data-driven, el primer paso donde la empresa tiene que hacer hincapié es en la captura de datos, ya que si esta es de calidad nos ayudará a que las decisiones que tomemos sean las correctas.

Trust YusApi's experience for a Power BI consultancy. Get all the information of your company in real time through the data reporting that we obtain from the different sources of your business. This way you will save time and costs.


YusApi Power BI Consulting Services

Data integration

We will connect and integrate your data into a single repository.

Data visualisation

We provide you with a unique and accurate source of information where you can see all your business data and have a clear view of your KPIs.

Information of value

Master your company’s valuable information to gain a competitive advantage.

Unify your tools

With Power BI, all your analytics tools will be unified into one to improve your business performance.

Power BI specialists, bring your data to life

If you believe that data is one of the most valuable assets of your company, don’t hesitate to count on YusApi. But the real value lies not only in the accumulation of data, but in its ability to be interpreted and used to make decisions. This is where Power BI becomes your essential tool.

With Power BI we can transform raw data into valuable information through interactive visualisations and dashboards so you don’t need to be an expert in data analysis to get deep and meaningful insights from your data sets.

Integrate Power BI into your business

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