Improve decision making with the implementation of accurate silo calculations in Orbit.


The customer encounters problems with (inefficient) inventory management. Through the implementation of accurate calculations with the Orbit platform, a broader strategic analysis of the data is enabled that improves the ability to make informed and proactive decisions on storage and consumption management in the company.
Integration with ORBIT provides transparent tracking of materials and optimises asset management.


Development of algorithms for calculating consumption in silos with high precision.

Data export with the Orbit platform

Optimise decision making through detailed analysis of consumption and correlation with external variables.

Project procedure

1. Initial phase

Advanced algorithms for calculating silo consumption are designed. Once validated, they are integrated into the Orbit platform.

2. Implementation phase

Extensive testing is performed to verify the consistency and reliability of the data export. Reliable connection between the silos calculation system and the Orbit infrastructure.


A system has been created to calculate consumption in Silos accurately and export the information efficiently to Orbit.
The factory gets a comprehensive view of consumption, improving strategic decision making related to the storage and distribution of materials.

Productivity increases by



  1. Industry
  2. Food
  3. Chemistry
  4. Energy
  5. Mining

Technologies used


Microsoft SQL Server



Other use cases

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